Monday, 10 October 2011

Pandoras Box?

It always amazes me the diametrically opposed feelings and emotions that can be stirred from a single picture. This one is taken outside a house near me. On the one hand, I want to ignore the bell and let myself in regardless, as I'm nervously intreagued whats behind. On the other, I want to heed the blood red letters, ring it, and wait to see whats behind from a safe distance.
But the real mystery, is the reaction of the photographed. People photography is a tricky thing. What you or I may consider to be a good photo, can extract the most malevolent of responses from the subject. A fraction of a second later, possibly the very next frame, and all is well again. But a fraction of a second is all it takes these days to copy and paste, click and send, and the box is truly opened. Whose to blame then, the photographer, who's rescinded their image or the re-publisher?

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