Sunday, 2 October 2011

My quiet space

Social networking can be far too noisy, so I'm making a little home, in a quiet corner where I can block out the din. We all want to participate in the 'look at me, I'm doing this' element, else we wouldn't participate, but my self doubter keeps asking a question. Where should I draw the line? I don't think I want everybody on my friends list seeing what I'm commenting on constantly. Insecure liking, in the hopes of reciprocation, vain tagging, and  the sheeple like mentality of joining groups the cool crowds in, has become all too apparent with this horrible new interface. I admit I've been sucked into certain elements of this in the past. 
But I'm taking a sidestep. I need a place to share my thoughts without the need to ram it down peoples throats who have no interest.
So I'm here now, in a quiet place that provides a haven which nullifies others interpretations, and allows me to express myself directly.
Time to get the kettle on!

1 comment:

  1. Yay - welcome to the blogosphere.
    Do I need to get back on the blog? I have a disclaimer - I only really blog when I make something, hence the blog title.
    Not made anything in a while.
    Ditto: my blog is a quiet corner.