Friday, 7 October 2011

Snow and clouds. Nearly, but not quite.

Well it finally feels seasonal! Cold enough for snow? I forgot how windy it gets down at the Albert dock, maybee I should have worn a bowler hat to keep my shaved head warm, as I was at the Tate tonight for a members talk about Magritte. The exhibition closes in a week, I don't make nearly enough of the membership....and I do love Magritte. Talk done, and everyone was racing downstairs for a talk from Jon Snow, Tate Trustee, when I spotted him checking out this painted mask. It's what I call a nearly not quite shot. I knew where I wanted to be to take it, but as I moved there, the moment passed. Then I got told off for taking pictures, I'm so confused with the Tate photography policy! And anyway,  it was Duckie Flesheaters that told me off! Check out her work! I didn't want any of my limbs used in her next piece, so I fled downstairs as quick as possible where I got got 3 or 4 pics of him I'm really happy with. So I'd say I got a result overall. Theres supposed to be a flash-mob happening next week down at the dock, everyone's going to be in bowler hats to raise awareness for the end of the exhibition, and if I'm off I may go. I'll check the weather forecast first.

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