Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy Birthday Tommy

I never got to say so-long. Its not that I didnt want too, I had heard about your health, and was hoping to see you in Southport. The best laid plans and all of that. I havent forgotten about the artwork I wanted to produce after you inspired me after we met when I took your photo at the Studio tour just over a year ago, its just that the time wasn't right. Its still there, and I will do it. I got a call just after you left here from the Observer Magazine, they wanted to use an image for their magazine, I told them use what they like, and donate any money in lieu of publication fees to the brain anurism charity. I never heard back, and they didnt publish them. I saw some pictures recently of your art. They seem so sterile without your tattoed hand and bent pointing finger there to explain it, covered in copyright symbols and devoid of you. I looked again through mine, and saw what they were missing. So just to let you know, that wherever you are,  I never have and will never forget. When the time is right it WILL happen. So-long for now, have a great birthday wherever you are.

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