Wednesday, 19 December 2012

McRings, 2012

This was a personal statement, on this, an olympic year, and what it meant financially.

'' ‘McRings’ invites the viewer to explore the interactions between publicly and privately funded events such as the Olympics, and asks them to examine the eventual economic returns and consequences, and who they favour.
Constructed from cooked and dehydrated french fries, and resin bonded into 5 hoops measuring 4 feet across in total, the golden ‘olympic rings’  sit atop a suitably scaled  ‘french fry’ holder.''

This is what I said about the piece when I first advertised my exhibition at The Albert Dock earlier in the year. I exhibited as an Independent, and I posted it here.
Two local papers ran it, getting a mention in the Liverpool Echo, where I was honoured to be on of their two picks for the Long Night of the Biennail. The Wirral Globe ran a photo, and gave me a little write-up. 
It was certainly talked about at my Exhibition, and I felt it went down really well, with a lot of positive responses to it.
I made it in response to stories in the press of independent bakeries, sweet shops, even a wool shop, being threatened with legal action, as they had formed hoops with their own goods in their shop windows. I bookmarked one at the time, you can read about it here. I made the rings from real french fries, which quite ironically, were the official food of the games. Four months on, and with their resin treatment, they still look same and are still free of mould!

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